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Don't you want to combine your dives with Hisarönü Bay's natural beauty?  

Our Dive Liveaboard tours have you meet both underwater and above water beauty. It is a privillage to dive away from mass tourism and to dive max 60 min long dives. Enjoy sailing with whispering wind after each dive..

We answer your every question about Dive Liveaboard tours.


Blue voyages are the only kind of holiday that have you rest away from the noise of city life. You will never forget the enjoyment of waking up with the sounds of birds, swimming in the cyrstal clear waters of beautiful coves, delicious Turkish cusine, wonderful boat life and sailing.

 Have you ever enjoyed sailing?  

 The reason why yoga onboard is to have you enjoyed being on the sea, get you away from closed areas and have you dismiss from the stress of city life during your holidays. You can get detailed information about our yoga organisation from our “Yoga” page.

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