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General Insurance : 


You are insured from to Airport with our Transfer Company (TURMAR Travel). 


Please click on the link to see our insurance coverage for water activities on MSY OKYANUS JD (Diving, Swiming, Feediving etc.)  http://www.jdiveturkey.com/index.php/en/sailing-gulet-okyanus-jd/insurance-water-activities


Travel Insurance : In preparation for your holiday, first of all, we recommend you to take a travel insurance in order to avoid any inconvenience in case of an emergency. A travel cancellation expense insurance may be the most important package for you. 


Some Advices :

On  our gulet, an informal and casual dress is the right clothing for a relaxed holiday. For the early morning hours and the late night (of course depending on the season) we recommend to bring casual slacks and a long sleeved sweatshirt and - my personal insider tip - warm “anti-slipping-socks”. For short shore excursions a pair of comfortable and robust outdoor shoes are recommended.


Official buildings, institutions and mosques should only be visited and entered in an appropriate civilized dress. A small knapsack can be very useful on shore excursion in order to carry your personal belongings like cameras, sunscreens, purses or wallets and your purchased goods in a comfortable way.


Pharmaceuticals to avoid travel and sea sicknesses are unnecessary and can be confidently omitted. The boats hardly bob up and down in the water and generally speaking pharmaceuticals do not comply with diving adventures.


A typical diving backpack or a simple diving bag would be suitable for transportation of your travel and diving baggage. On board and on deck your diving equipment can be securely and duly stored in skeleton transport boxes, which are sufficiently available.  


Please sea the "holiday-checklist"